Ever had dreams of earning 5 figures a month,? Me too but let me explain how working online can make that a reality and change your life.


Hi, I'm James and I own multiple online businesses help and support others start their own online businesses or simply take their existing ones to the next level.


The idea of working from a laptop and smartphone is becoming the most secure way of earning an income worldwide nowadays, its even recession and pandemic proof.


Quite a few years ago my dad introduced me to the digital world of “making money online” that promised a life of luxury and freedom within a matter of weeks, unfortunately he never really found one that worked for him, why?, Because "GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES DON'T EXIST"

Anything that is going to last takes time to build correctly, with strong foundations, just like a long lasting loving relationship, a house or a skyscraper they all need strong foundations. 

Why I switched to the laptop lifestyle

When I first started out online I found there were so many people making serious money online, to the point that they had given up their day jobs and were living their dream lifestyles, travelling, expensive cars, beautiful homes but most importantly and the biggest benefit thats better than the money is that they had the freedom to spend more time with their families and friends, more than they could have ever imagined in a traditional 9-5.
Then I found one this community of entrepreneurs that were being taught how to create their own online business by an organisation called Change Online, A community of entrepreneurs that were all like me and striving for the same goals in life, I really connected with them. There were members from all walks of life making anything from a couple of grand a month alongside their day jobs to some that were earning more than 20k a month.
So I got in touch with one of the main guys to understand a bit more about what he did. He was just a normal family guy and like so many people he’d got fed up of working long hours for crappy pay, 25 days holiday a year and hardly any time with the family, who wants to work until they’re 70 before they can enjoy the little bit that’s left?


He found the world of online marketing and in a few months had replaced his traditional income with an online income he now lives the lifestyle that so many people want and he offered to show me how to do it too.

So I decided enough was enough, accepted his offer and got cracking with the training. I’ve never looked back. He mentored me on a 1-1 basis from the get-go, I really wish I’d started sooner as my dad passed away at the beginning of the year and hasn’t been able to share in my success or tell me that one phrase we all dread hearing, especially from a parent, “I told you so”

I’ve decided that through the success I’ve experienced building my online businesses that I want to make sure other people know about this opportunity too.

Let's get one thing straight though, this is not a get rich quick scheme, so if thats what you're after then you're in the wrong place. But if you're not afraid to learn new skills and put in the effort required to change your life for the better, then get in touch.


If you’ve had enough and are ready to change your life for the better then click the link below and let’s get started.